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Title E:59 Seconds
Title I:59 Secondi
Title G:59 Sekunden

by Mauro Carraro

Switzerland / France, August 2017

59 seconds is short when it comes to changing the destinies of two people, of an entire region, or of a country, but it can seem like a long time when the earth is trembling.


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Directed by: Mauro Carraro
Written by: Mauro Carraro

World Premiere: August 2017
Original Version: Italian (english/german/italian subtitles), colour, DCP, 16 min.


Production: Nadasdy Film Sarl, Autour de Minuit, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Producer: Nicolas Burlet, Nicolas Schmerkin

Sound Design: Etienne Curchod
Rerecording Sound Mix: Etienne Curchod
Animation: Mauro Carraro
3D Animation: Lucas Morandi, Thomas Caudron
Techniques: 3D Computeranimation

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World Rights: Nadasdy Film Sarl

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  • Locarno, Locarno Festival, Pardino d'argento (Concorso nazionale) 2017