Antão, o invisível

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Title E:Anthony, The Invisible One
Title F:Antoine, l'invisible

by Maya Kosa, Sergio Da Costa

Switzerland, April 2017

In an art museum, a guide presents a famous pictorial triptych to three audiences: sighted people, blind people and a deaf and blind man. In a manner that is specific to each audience, the painting is unveiled little by little.


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Directed by: Maya Kosa, Sergio Da Costa
Written by: Sergio Da Costa, Maya Kosa

World Premiere: April 2017
Original Version: Portuguese (english/french subtitles), colour, DCP, 16 min.


Production: Alogon Films
Producer: Sergio Da Costa, Maya Kosa

Cinematography: Sergio Da Costa
Editing: Sergio Da Costa, Maya Kosa, Antonio Trullén Funcia
Sound Design: Miguel Martins
Rerecording Sound Mix: Miguel Martins

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World Rights: Alogon Films

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  • Nijmegen, Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Best European Short Documentary 2018
  • Lisboa, International Independent Film Festival Lisboa, Árvore da Vida Award 2017