Ondes de choc – Prénom: Mathieu

Ondes de choc – Prénom: Mathieu

Fiction, 60 min.

Title E:Shock Waves – First Name: Mathieu

by Lionel Baier

Switzerland, January 2018

Mathieu, 17, is the only survivor of an infamous serial killer making the headlines. Injured and traumatised, he tries to get on with his life within his family and his village. But despite everyone’s support, Mathieu is unable to find peace in his everyday life. The teenager will gradually be able to create a composite sketch of his attacker, but for Mathieu that’s not the end of it.


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Directed by: Lionel Baier
Written by: Lionel Baier, Julien Bouissoux

World Premiere: January 2018
Original Version: French (german/english subtitles), colour, DCP, 60 min.

ISAN: 0000-0004-67E2-0000-S-0000-0000-R

Production: Bande à part Films, ARTE G.E.I.E., RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, SRG SSR
Producer: Lionel Baier, Françoise Mayor, Agnieszka Ramu

Cinematography: Patrick Lindenmaier
Editing: Pauline Gaillard
Location Sound Mix: Marc von Stürler
Sound Editing: Etienne Curchod
Rerecording Sound Mix: Etienne Curchod
Music: Christian Garcia-Gaucher

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Maxime Gorbatchevsky
Michel Vuillermoz
Ursina Lardi
Pierre-Isaïe Duc
Mickael Ammann
Adrien Barazzone

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World Rights: Bande à part Films