Un couteau dans le coeur

Un couteau dans le coeur

Fiction, 100 min.
Coproduction with foreign director

Title E:Knife + Heart

by Yann Gonzalez

France / Switzerland, May 2018

In the heart of the demonic Paris of the late 70s, Anne made a career by producing pornographic films. To find the favors of her companion, Loïs, Anne decides to change by financing a much more ambitious film, which she entrusts the direction to Archibald. But a mysterious serial killer thwarts her plans and attacks all the actors involved in the project.


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Directed by: Yann Gonzalez
Written by: Yann Gonzalez, Cristiano Mangione

World Premiere: May 2018
Original Version: French (english subtitles), colour, DCP, 100 min.


Production: CG Cinéma, Garidi Films, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Producer: Charles Gillibert, Consuelo Frauenfelder

Cinematography: Simon Beaufils
Editing: Raphael Lefevre
Music: M83

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Vanessa Paradis
as Anne 
Kate Moran
as Loïs 
Nicolas Maury
as Archibald 

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