Picture of Light

Picture of Light

Documentary, 83 min.


by Peter Mettler

Canada, 1994

An hallucinatory tale of a filmmaker’s journey to Canada’s Arctic in search of the Northern Lights – an encounter with the gulf between the knowable and the ineffable, between humankind’s need to capture and control Nature, and Nature’s refusal to be caught… aurora borealis, the lights with no bodies pouring colours from the sky… more special than any special effect…


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Directed by: Peter Mettler
Written by: Peter Mettler

World Premiere: 1994
Original Version: English, colour, 16mm, 83 min.


Production: Grimthorpe Film Inc.
Producer: Andreas Züst, Peter Mettler, A. Gill

Cinematography: Peter Mettler
Editing: Peter Mettler, Mike Munn
Location Sound Mix: Leon Johnson, Gaston Kyriazi
Sound Editing: Peter Mettler, Peter Bräker, A. Gill
Rerecording Sound Mix: Hans Künzi
Music: Jim O'Rourke

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World Rights: Grimthorpe Film Inc.

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Distribution USA: First Run Features

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