Celine Bolomey – Shooting Star 2009

European acting talent in the limelight at the Berlinale

Shooting Stars is just one of the numerous events initiated by European Film Promotion (EFP), aiming to render European film productions visible. SWISS FILMS is a member of this association of film promotion agencies. Since 1998 EFP has presented during the International Film Festival in Berlin Europe’s new generation of acting talent: the “Shooting Stars”. The event has evolved into a label and become a talent exchange for young actors. Switzerland has participated since 1999. Since 2008 a jury has selected the ten best candidates.

Celine Bolomey

Celine Bolomey


Born in 1975, Celine Bolomey studied drama at INSAS in Brussels and has appeared in the theatre productions throughout Europe. She performs in some twenty theatre plays notably under the direction of Galin Stoev (“Antigone”, “Tchékhologie”, and “Oxygène” and “Genèse n°2” by Ivan Viripaev - Paris, Avignon in 07, Montreal, Brussels), Omar Porras (“Bakkhantes”), Brigitte Jaques (“L’Illusion Comique” - Geneva, Paris), Denis Maillefer, Michel Bogen, Eric Salama, Gianni Schneider and, most recently, with the Brazilian director Enrique Diaz (“Près du Coeur sauvage” by Clarice Lispector - Rome, Brussels, Reims, Lisbon). Her film roles include: Le voyage de Noémie (Michel Rodde, 1986) which was her first leading role, “On dirait le Sud” (Vincent Pluss, 2002), “AM-PM” (Francesco Cesalli, 2001), “iXième - Journal d'un prisonnier” (Pierre Yves Borgeaud & Stéphane Blok, 2003), “Du bruit dans la tête” (Vincent Pluss, 2007). She also played in some short films and on British TV: “The Hidden City” (Richard Johnson, 2001, TV series). Currently, she is participating in a workshop with Nicolas Klotz. Swiss Film Prize QUARTZ 2009, Best Actress for the leading role of the film “Du bruit dans la tête”. (Update 2/2009)



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