Festivals & Promotion Short Films

SWISS FILMS promotes the distribution and the general public’s awareness of short film productions in their broad spectrum of diverse forms: short fiction, documentary, animation and experimental film productions.

Short films are fiction, experimental and animation film productions up to 59 minutes and documentary films up to 49 minutes.

SWISS FILMS is represented at major international festivals and markets. Such platforms play a key role in the promotion of short films. The promotion agency also supports participation at festivals by contributing to promotional costs.

SWISS FILMS fosters networking among filmmakers and provides information to professionals in the film industry with, for example, the Short Film Library with a selection of recent Swiss short film productions. The promotion agency establishes contact between rights holders, filmmakers, delegates of international festivals, film distributors and other special-interest groups. It consults producers, short film directors and up-and-coming directors on matters concerning marketing, festival strategies and film distribution.

SWISS FILMS is a member of the International Short Film Conference (ISFC), the worldwide organisation of all institutions and organisations responsible for distributing and screening short film productions.