El amor ciego

El amor ciego play

Play Fiction, 3 min.


by Pablo Martin Torrado

Switzerland, November 2017

He walks in one direction, she in the other… and then they collide. Love blossoms from this fortunate collision. The first date quickly ensues, then a night at the cinema, and finally aromantic picnic. But all of a sudden, her mask jams. She takes it off, only to discover…el amor ciego.


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Directed by: Pablo Martin Torrado
Written by: Pablo Martin Torrado

World Premiere: November 2017
Original Version: Without dialogue, colour, DCP, 3 min.


Production: Pablo Martin Torrado, Freestudios SA, KinoGeneva
Producer: Pablo Martin Torrado

Cinematography: Tangi Zahn
Editing: Pablo Martin Torrado
Sound Design: Xavier Lavorel
Music: Manolo Caracol
Animation: Oscar Lee Meyer
3D Animation: Julien Andrey
Art Direction: Caroline Linnane
Special Effects: Bérénice Rogazy, Suleyman Yazki
Lighting: Lucie Robert, Rhony Sutriesno
Costumes: Laura Morel, Suna Myles

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Olivia Csiky Trnka
Axel Fernandez
Eliot Sidler

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World Rights: Pablo Martin Torrado