Garçon stupide

Garçon stupide

Fiction, 94 min.

Title E:Stupid Boy
Title G:Dummer Junge

by Lionel Baier

Switzerland, March 2004

That stupid boy is Loïc. He who confuses desire and pleasure, friendship and sex, admiration and success. Loïc, who tries to compensate for what life failed to bestow on him before he grows up. Loïc, who will sleep with anybody, any way. Loïc, who loves Marie too much, or too little. Loïc, who tries to find someone to look up to in the person of Rui, the football player. Loïc is not a stupid boy. One day, he will also try to put together a story.

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Directed by: Lionel Baier
Written by: Lionel Baier, Laurent Guido

World Premiere: March 2004
Original Version: French, colour, 35mm, 94 min.


Production: SAGA Production Sàrl, SRG SSR

Cinematography: Lionel Baier, Séverine Barde
Editing: Christine Hoffet
Sound: Robin Harsch
Music: Sergej Rachmaninov

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Pierre Chatagny
Natacha Koutchoumov
Rui Pedro Alves

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World Sales: Bande à part Films

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Distribution Switzerland: Vega Distribution AG

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Garçon stupide

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Garçon stupide

© Vega Distribution AG


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  • Solothurn, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swiss Film Award, Best Performance in a Supporting Role 2005 (Nomination)
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz, NEFF New European Film Festival, Best European Director 2005