Sex Toys Stories

Sex Toys Stories

Documentary, 51 min.


by Anne Deluz, Béatrice Guelpa

Switzerland, November 2008

Corinne, Adrien and Anita all sell sex toys, and yet they have little in common. Corinne went from selling Tupperware to dildos. Adrien surfs chic porno fashion and makes a fortune selling sex toys via his website. And Anita, owner of the first female sex shop in Switzerland, tries to change women’s sex lives by teaching them how to get to know their body. This documentary film depicts the effects of trivializing these objects and gives cause to reflect on one's own intimacy.


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Directed by: Anne Deluz, Béatrice Guelpa
Written by: Anne Deluz, Béatrice Guelpa

World Premiere: November 2008
Original Version: French/Swiss-German (french subtitles), colour, Digi Beta, 51 min.

ISAN: 0000-0002-0968-0000-A

Production: Tipi'mages Productions sàrl, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Producer: Francine Lusser, Gérard Monier

Cinematography: Séverine Barde
Editing: Ana Acosta
Location Sound Mix: Jürg Lempen, Carlos Ibañez-Diaz
Rerecording Sound Mix: Denis Séchaud

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World Sales: 10 francs

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Distribution Switzerland: Tipi'mages Productions sàrl