Sira – Wenn der Halbmond spricht

Sira – Wenn der Halbmond spricht

Documentary, 75 min.

Title E:Sira – Songs Of The Crescent Moon
Title F:Sîra – Les chants du croissant de lune

by Sandra Gysi, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen

Switzerland, April 2011

80-year-old Sayyed el-Dawwy is the last living interpreter of the Sira, the most significant Arabian epic. He knows its 5 million verses by heart and keeps its stories alive. He wants to pass the Sira down on to his grandson Ramadan. The film accompanies their concert tour through Egypt. While Sayyed wants to teach the Sira to his grandson the way he knows it, Ramadan is interested in modern interpretations. In the struggle of generations, the picture emerges of a world caught between tradition and modernity. A world in search of its respective heroes – in the past as well as in the present.


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Directed by: Sandra Gysi, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen
Written by: Sandra Gysi, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen

World Premiere: April 2011
Original Version: Arabic (german/english subtitles), colour, HD24p, 75 min.


Production: RECK Filmproduktion
Producer: Franziska Reck
Executive Producer: Franziska Reck

Cinematography: Peter Liechti, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, Sandra Gysi
Editing: Anja Bombelli, Sandra Gysi, Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, Marcel Derek Ramsay
Location Sound Mix: Ramón Orza
Sound Editing: Ramón Orza
Rerecording Sound Mix: Ramón Orza
Music: Sayyed El-Dawwy, Ramadan El-Dawwy, Ramón Orza

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World Rights: RECK Filmproduktion

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Distribution Switzerland: Columbus Film AG

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  • Innsbruck, Internationales Filmfestival Cinematograph Innsbruck, Dokumentarfilmpreis 2011