Le ciel en bataille

Le ciel en bataille

Documentary, 43 min.

Title E:Wild Sky

by Rachid B.

France / Switzerland, April 2011

A hospital room, a drip… At his sick father's bedside, in a final, silent showdown, Rachid B. recalls his strongest memories, those which in the course of his life constructed him or drove him to the worst. From his childhood in Morocco to recollections of his homosexuality and rejection of Christianity, right up to his recent conversion to Islam, he gives an honest account of his life, his wanderings, and the splits that have marked it.


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Directed by: Rachid B.
Written by: Rachid B., Florent Mangeot

World Premiere: April 2011
Original Version: French, colour, Digi Beta, 43 min.


Production: Nord/Ouest Documentaires, Intermezzo Films, ARTE France – Unité de Programmes Documentaires, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse

Cinematography: Arthur Forjonel
Editing: Florent Mangeot
Sound Editing: Florent Mangeot, Fabien Bourdier
Sound Design: Fabien Bourdier
Rerecording Sound Mix: Laure Arto
Music: Fabien Bourdier

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World Rights: Nord/Ouest Documentaires

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  • Salina, Associazione Salina DocFest, Menzione Speciale 2011