Morceaux choisis – Episoden aus dem Leben des Julius Schönfeld

Morceaux choisis play

Fiction, 76 min.


by Theodor Boder

Switzerland, February 2013

The film begins in 1780 and traces the life of the poet Julius Schönfeld, based on fragments from a diary. Episodically, the film tells of his life at a royal court in Germany. With one feast after another, the prince’s carefree lifestyle takes a drastic turn when his cook dies. On her deathbed she begs him to care for her two children. The prince gives her his word, mostly likely because she was his favourite cook. The promise, however, brings an abrupt change for Julius and his sister.


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Directed by: Theodor Boder
Written by: Theodor Boder

World Premiere: February 2013
Original Version: German (english subtitles), colour, DCP, 76 min.

ISAN: 0000-0002-7C6B-0000-F-0000-0000-T

Production: Theodor Boder Produktion
Producer: Theodor Boder
Executive Producer: Theodor Boder

Cinematography: Theodor Boder
Editing: Theodor Boder
Sound Editing: Theodor Boder
Sound Design: Willi Kluth, Hans-Walter Kramski
Rerecording Sound Mix: Ileana Sartoretti, Theodor Boder
Music: Georges Laederich
Art Direction: Rica Mattmüller, Romano Consigli, Theodor Boder
Lighting: Theodor Boder
Costumes: Bruno Gschwind

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Michael Margotta
as Julius as child 
Ulrich Georg Meyer
as Julius as adult 
Klaus Stangier
as Fürst 
Tanja Vogler
as Sophie 

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World Rights: Theodor Boder Produktion

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Distribution Switzerland: Theodor Boder Produktion