Fiction, 90 min.
Coproduction with Swiss director


by Fulvio Bernasconi

Switzerland / Canada, September 2016

Thomas, a European, has come to Québec for some recreational fishing on his own. He then embarks on the road leading to the north of Canada, chasing after a black truck that killed the son of a young Amerindian woman. This Swiss cop in exile wants justice to be done. He has, however, other reasons for wanting to do the right thing.


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Directed by: Fulvio Bernasconi
Written by: Antoine Jaccoud, Fulvio Bernasconi (based on an original idea by Pierre-Pascal Rossi)

World Premiere: September 2016
Original Version: French, colour, DCP, 90 min.

ISAN: 0000-000-295F-0000-L-0000-0000-B

Production: PointProd SA, 1976 Productions Inc., KNM, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Producer: Nicolas Comeau , Jean-Marc Fröhle, Michel Merkt
Executive Producer: Jean-Marc Fröhle

Cinematography: Filip Zumbrunn
Editing: Claudio Cea
Location Sound Mix: Christophe Giovannoni
Sound Editing: François Musy, Gabriel Hafner
Sound Design: François Musy, Gabriel Hafner
Rerecording Sound Mix: François Musy, Gabriel Hafner
Music: Nicolas Rabaeus
Art Direction: Mathieu Caron
Special Effects: Dorian Winnicki, Nicolas Barbieu, Aristide Antoine, Mick Hungerer, Hugo Batonnet
Lighting: Peter Demmer
Costumes: Marjollayne Desrosiers
Casting: Marjolaine Lachance, Aurélie Guichard

Open / CloseCast

Jonathan Zaccaï
as Thomas Berger 
Evelyne Brochu
as Mary-Ann 
Daniel Gadouas
as Gilles Gagnon 
Charlie Arcouette
as Laurie Gagnon 
Marco Collin
as John Cheezo 
Marie Hélène Belanger
as Alice 
Marthe Keller
as Gloria 
Isabelle Caillat
as Femme de Thomas 

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Distribution Switzerland: Outside The Box Sarl
Distribution Canada: Film Option International

Open / CloseAwards (a selection)

  • Genève, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swiss Film Award, Best Cinematography 2017 (Nomination)