Win Win

Win Win

Fiction, 95 min.
Coproduction with Swiss director


by Claudio Tonetti

Switzerland / Belgium, May 2013

Two friends – Paul Girard, the “people’s mayor” of Delémont who has his sights set on a national career and Liu, a Chinese watchmaker living in the Jura – decide to organise the semi-finals of the Miss China competition in Switzerland. Paul is hoping this original, media-hyped project will help him acquire the image his party has been refusing him: that of future deputy. Liu, meanwhile, hopes to open the Chinese market to luxury watches. Instead of the heroes’ welcome they were anticipating in bringing the women to the touristic Meccas of Switzerland, the two partners are met with resistance from the political milieu and indifference from their sponsors.


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Directed by: Claudio Tonetti
Written by: Jacques Akchoti, Béatrice Guelpa, Claudio Tonetti

World Premiere: May 2013
Original Version: French/Chinese (french/german subtitles), colour, DCP, 95 min.


Production: Prince Film SA, Saga Film, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Executive Producer: Pierre-Alain Meier

Cinematography: Carlo Varini
Editing: Matyas Veress
Location Sound Mix: Marianne Russi, Philippe Combes
Casting: Gérard Moulévrier

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Jean-Luc Couchard
Guy Lecluyse
Anne Comte
Jean-Luc Bideau
Xiaoxing Cheng
Xin Wang
Frédéric Recrosio
Didier Flamand
Ruchard Sammel

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World Rights: Prince Film SA

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Distribution Switzerland: Frenetic Films