We Are Ok

We Are Ok

Experimental, 28 min.


by Samuel Weniger

Switzerland, January 2015

Swiss band “Europa” is invited to play at a wedding on the small island Nias in Indonesia. They all of a sudden find themselves in the metropolis of Hong Kong. A filmic reflection on global travel nerves, intercontinental love, coconuts, pigs, keyboards, the internet and the search for exotic in an excessively photographed world.


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Directed by: Samuel Weniger
Written by: Samuel Weniger

World Premiere: January 2015
Original Version: German/English/Swiss-German/Indonesian/Cantonese (english subtitles), colour, DCP, 28 min.


Production: Samuel Weniger
Producer: Samuel Weniger
Executive Producer: Samuel Weniger

Cinematography: Tao Wau, Winnie Lau, Andrin Uetz, Ruedi Tobler, Selina Joller, Leonie Hunter, Jonas Bischof, Lukas Burkardt, Samuel Weniger
Editing: Tiler Hackney
Location Sound Mix: Ruedi Tobler
Sound Editing: Tiler Hackney
Sound Design: Ramon Landolt
Rerecording Sound Mix: Hans Peter Gutjahr
Music: Europa

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World Rights: Samuel Weniger