Ella Maillart – Double Journey

Ella Maillart – Double Journey play

Documentary, 40 min.


by Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini

Switzerland, April 2015

Summer 1939: Ella Maillart and Annemarie Schwarzenbach leave Europe for Asia. Ella hopes to make a film, and help Annemarie get off drugs. In Kabul she realizes she’s lost all certainties. Alone she travels in British India while war ravages Europe. Her texts, film footage and photographs tell the story of a journey, a film, a year, a woman.


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Directed by: Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini
Written by: Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini

World Premiere: April 2015
Original Version: French (english subtitles), colour and b/w, DCP, 40 min.


Production: Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini
Producer: Antonio Bigini, Mariann Lewinsky

Cinematography: Ella Maillart
Editing: Antonio Bigini
Location Sound Mix: Diego Schiavo
Sound Editing: Diego Schiavo
Sound Design: Diego Schiavo

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Irène Jacob
as narrator 

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World Rights: Mariann Lewinsky, Antonio Bigini