Loin du bal

Loin du bal

Documentary, 66 min.

Title E:Off The Dancefloor

by Adrienne Bovet

Switzerland, April 2015

In Switzerland, where women’s status is clearly privileged, it may seem illegitimate to express discomfort and discontent. Caught in a vice between what they think they owe to the communitiy, demanding familiy patterns and a still invasive male dominance, women in their thirties frequently have the feeling not to be able to hold on to their lives anymore. They thought they had the cards in hand, but realise they are already out of the game. How then forge one’s path without making concessions?


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Directed by: Adrienne Bovet
Written by: Adrienne Bovet

World Premiere: April 2015
Original Version: French, colour and b/w, DCP, 66 min.

ISAN: 0000-0003-534A-0000-7- 0000-0000-G

Production: Le CinéAtelier Sàrl
Producer: Emmanuelle de Riedmatten, Francis Reusser
Executive Producer: Emmanuelle de Riedmatten

Cinematography: Joakim Chardonnens, Adrienne Bovet
Editing: Jean Reusser
Location Sound Mix: Marc Thill
Sound Editing: Jean Reusser, Jérôme Cuendet
Rerecording Sound Mix: Jérôme Cuendet
Special Effects: Jérémie Bacher

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World Rights: Le CinéAtelier Sàrl

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Distribution Switzerland: Le CinéAtelier Sàrl