Der Geist ruft aus der Ferne

Der Geist ruft aus der Ferne

Documentary, 62 min.

Title E:The Spirit Echoes

by Rainer Hoffmann, Erika Harzer

Switzerland, October 2015

The colonial policy of the 19th century also permeates Switzerland. Explorers, naturalists and business people conquer new worlds overseas. They bring cocoa, cotton and exotic plants to the Old World. Cultural treasures dating back to pre-Christian era can also be found among the colonial goods brought back. In his luggage upon returning from his last trip to South America, the famous Swiss naturalist, linguist and diplomat Johann Jakob von Tschudi has a small stone figurine from Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. Today this stone sculpture is housed in the Bern Museum of History.


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Directed by: Rainer Hoffmann, Erika Harzer
Written by: Rainer Hoffmann, Erika Harzer

World Premiere: October 2015
Original Version: German (english subtitles), colour, HD Cam , 62 min.

ISAN: 0000-0004-0866-0000-F-0000-0000-T

Production: PS Film GmbH, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Producer: Peter Spoerri
Executive Producer: Peter Spoerri

Cinematography: Rainer Hoffmann
Editing: Julia Karg
Location Sound Mix: Thomas Keller
Sound Editing: Hannes Marget
Sound Design: Hannes Marget
Rerecording Sound Mix: Felix Bussmann

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World Rights: PS Film GmbH