Les heures-encre

Les heures-encre

Fiction, 29 min.

Title E:Black Hours
Title G:Dunkle Stunden

by Wendy Pillonel

Switzerland, January 2017

Frank burns himself to death at his job in protest against the inhumane working conditions. Two stories emerge from this tragic incident. Léa, Frank’s wife, who is searching for the truth. Igor, an employee who finds the dead body and steals the letter of protest for fear of losing his job.


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Directed by: Wendy Pillonel
Written by: Wendy Pillonel

World Premiere: January 2017
Original Version: French (english/german/french subtitles), colour, DCP, 29 min.

ISAN: 0000-0004-4203-0000-Q-0000-0000-X

Production: Peacock Film AG, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK
Producer: Milena Colla, Elena Pedrazzoli, Filippo Bonacci
Executive Producer: Milena Colla, Rea Televantos

Cinematography: Ramón Königshausen
Editing: Fleur Matson
Location Sound Mix: Benoît Barraud
Sound Editing: Fleur Matson
Sound Design: Benoît Barraud
Rerecording Sound Mix: Gregg Skerman
Music: Jakob Eisenbach
Art Direction: Emanuel Bühler, Anna Deborah Gerber
Lighting: Esther Mattei
Costumes: Anna Deborah Gerber
Casting: Wendy Pillonel

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Antonio Buil
as Igor Valente 
Isabelle Caillat
as Léa Etienne 
Frédéric Landenberg
as Blanc 
Eliot Spicher
as Victor Etienne 
Nathalie Jeannet
as Annie Valente 
Pierre-Isaïe Duc
as Aloïs Laroche 
Nicolas Rosat
as Frank Etienne 
Guy Pillonel
as Guy - employé de l'usine 
Emanuel Fabris
as Terrapon - directeur de l'usine 

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World Rights: Peacock Film AG

Open / CloseAwards (a selection)

  • Fribourg, Festival International de Films de Fribourg, Prix Visa Étranger 2018
  • Beijing, ISFVF International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy, Audience Award 2017
  • Berlin, First Steps Der Deutsche Nachwuchspreis, First Steps Awards - Mittellange Spielfilme 2017 (Nomination)
  • Hamburg, Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis, Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis - Bester Kurzfilm 2017 (Nomination)
  • Leuven, Kortfilmfestival, Audience Award 2017