Paradoxes de bords

Paradoxes de bords

Fiction, 15 min.

Title E:Paradoxes Of Borders

by Pascal Merz

Switzerland, September 2010

A hardened and a-typical bachelor falls in love with a woman for whom love can only be intensely close. A whimsical anthropologist analyses the dynamism of the couple by establishing a link between the relationship isolationism of the former bachelor and the territoriality of mono-cellular beings.


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Directed by: Pascal Merz
Written by: Pascal Merz

World Premiere: September 2010
Original Version: French, colour, Digi Beta, 15 min.


Production: École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (pour Master HES-SO en Cinéma (ECAL/HEAD)), IDIP Films Sàrl
Producer: Xavier Derigo

Cinematography: Hugo Veludo, Fabrizio Dörig
Editing: Guerric Catala
Location Sound Mix: Eric Ghersinu, Renaud Musy
Sound Editing: Jean-François Viguié
Rerecording Sound Mix: Martin Stricker
Music: Fabio Poujouly
3D Animation: Nicolas Elsig
Lighting: François Chanal, Thomas Szczepanski
Costumes: Maria Muscalu

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Joan Mompart
as Pascal 
Isabelle Caillat
as Solange 
Bastien Semenzato
as Ami de Solange 
Séverine Bujard
as Mère de Pascal 
Jean-Pierre Gos
as Père de Pascal 
Mercédès Brawand
as 2ème mère de Pascal 
Claude Thébert
as 2ème père de Pascal 
Isabelle Tosic
as Amie de Pascal 
Serge Musy
as Jeune homme ivre 

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World Rights: IDIP Films Sàrl

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Distribution Switzerland: École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (pour Master HES-SO en Cinéma (Ecal/Head))