Fiction, 30 min.

Title E:First Fruits
Title I:Inizi
Title G:Anfänge

by Pao Paixao

Switzerland, March 2011

Joshua and Simone have fallen in love and lose themselves in their passions. While they are discovering their sexuality, they are fascinated by Marcelle, whose innocent character unhinges them. Just how far will they go to lose their innocence?


Open / CloseCredits

Directed by: Pao Paixao
Written by: Pao Paixao

World Premiere: March 2011
Original Version: English/Italian/French (english subtitles), colour, HD Cam , 30 min.


Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK, So Close
Producer: Pao Paixao

Cinematography: Jenny Bräuer
Editing: Paulo Dos Santos, Rolf Lang
Location Sound Mix: Carlos Ibañez-Diaz
Sound Editing: Paulo Dos Santos
Sound Design: Paulo Dos Santos
Rerecording Sound Mix: Gregg Skerman
Music: Imperial Tiger Orchestra
Animation: Silvio Alberti
3D Animation: Monica Cook
Compositing: Silvio Alberti
Art Direction: Nicola Corciulo
Special Effects: Nicola Corciulo
Lighting: Dominik König
Costumes: Paulo Dos Santos, Jenny Bräuer
Casting: Paulo Dos Santos, Aurora Jouffroy, Corinna Glaus

Open / CloseCast

Clémentine Bossard
as Marcelle 
Ann Kathrin Doerig
as Simone 
Dario Messina
as Joshua 
Marina Longino
as Simone's mother 
Nicola Corciulo
as Joshua's father 
Fabio Orlando
as Farmer 
Mbaye Serigne Mor Fangon
as Fisherman 

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World Rights: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK

Open / CloseAwards (a selection)

  • Bolzano, Bolzano Short Film Festival, Best Film 2011
  • St. Petersburg, Open Cinema International Short and Animation Film Festival, Main Prize of Parallel Competition "No Anesthesia" nomination 2011