Kein Porno

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Documentary, 12 min.

Title E:No Porn

by Jela Hasler

Switzerland, November 2013

Initially, the author wanted to make a film about a porn producer. But the project fails, and she sees herself confronted with the disapproval of her family; mother, father, sister - none of them are particularly impressed with her initial idea.


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Directed by: Jela Hasler
Written by: Jela Hasler

World Premiere: November 2013
Original Version: Swiss-German/German (english subtitles), colour, DCP, 12 min.


Production: Hochschule Luzern, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Producer: Edith Flückiger

Cinematography: Jela Hasler, Dominik Suppiger, Sara Stäuble
Editing: Jela Hasler, Annette Koenig
Location Sound Mix: Jela Hasler, Caroline Schöbi
Rerecording Sound Mix: Hans Peter Gutjahr
Music: Mario Hänni

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World Rights: Hochschule Luzern

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Distribution Switzerland: Hochschule Luzern

Open / CloseAwards (a selection)

  • Sassuolo, Yasujiro Ozu International Short Film Festival, Maneki Neko DOC Award 2013