Die Schwalbe

Die Schwalbe play

Fiction, 102 min.

Title E:The Swallow
Title F:L'hirondelle
Title I:La rondine

by Mano Khalil

Switzerland, January 2016

Mira, a young Swiss in search of her roots, travels to Iraqi Kurdistan, where she is confronted with terrorism, war crimes and street justice, but also with love. The film depicts two of life’s tragedies: not having our wishes fulfilled and having them fulfilled. A journey to the breathtaking landscapes of Kurdistan, but also into the political reality of a region full of conflicts. We hear about it daily, but the film brings us a totally new perspective.


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Directed by: Mano Khalil
Written by: Mano Khalil, Daniela Baumgärtl, Daniel Casparis, Martina Klein, Michael Sauter

World Premiere: January 2016
Original Version: English/Swiss-German/Kurdish/German (german/english/french/arabic/italian subtitles), colour, DCP, 102 min.

ISAN: 0000-0003-E111-0000-U-0000-0000-L

Production: Frame Film GmbH, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, ARTE G.E.I.E.
Producer: Mano Khalil

Cinematography: Revan Radween
Editing: Thomas Bachmann
Location Sound Mix: Jürg Lempen
Sound Editing: Thomas Bachmann
Sound Design: Thomas Bachmann
Rerecording Sound Mix: Rolf Büttikofer
Music: Mario Batkovic
Art Direction: Manuel Speck
Special Effects: Nino Michel
Lighting: Uwe Arn
Costumes: Hayley Gibson, Linda Harper
Casting: Corinna Glaus, Bina Qeredaxi, Lindsey Richardson

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Manon Pfrunder
as Mira 
Ismail Zagros
as Ramo 
Dejin Jamil
as Leyla 
Bengin Ali
as Aram 
Aro Shikhmous
as Osman Hame Khan 
Lilian Naef
as Miras Mutter 
Christian Samuel Weber
as Stefan 
Majid Waysi
as Majid 
Nassir Hasan
as Taxi driver 
Rekesh Shahbaz
as Peshmerga 
Mouafaq Rushdie
as Mukhtar-Dorfvorsteher 
Susan Antranik Gregor
as Ramos Mutter 
Qasim Ramadan
as Hotel receptionist 
Cemik Zikri
as Zikri 

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World Rights: Frame Film GmbH

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Distribution Switzerland: Columbus Film AG