SWISS FILMS with a new look

SWISS FILMS with a new look

A new and fresh look for Swiss filmmaking! SWISS FILMS has revised its appearance together with nationally and internationally acclaimed Swiss designers.

The corporate design was developed by the Swiss designers Corina Neuenschwander and Simone Koller at Studio NOI in Zurich. Based on the «Heidi Maria» font specifically adapted for SWISS FILMS, it incorporates animated visuals and quotations from current Swiss films which are intended to spark interest in the stories and the people behind the films. The image campaign 2017 is by Matthieu Lavanchy, the young and internationally esteemed photographer from Lausanne.

The Klauser Lienhard Design Studio in Zurich carried out the redesign of the pavilion for SWISS FILMS at Festival de Cannes. The partner for the top-class interior is the internationally renowned Swiss textile label, Création Baumann. This company in Langenthal with a long-standing tradition furnished the entire SWISS FILMS pavilion with the innovative ARIK upholstery and soundproofing fabric

A further partnership was established with the Swiss designer Laend Phuengkit at Studio 2524 clothing manufacturer. The limited bag edition by Phuengkit fits in harmoniously with the newly created corporate design and rounds off the current launch of SWISS FILMS presence in Cannes.

The selection of the partners and development of the redesign was based on such criteria as quality, precision, innovation and Swissness – characteristics that also distinguish internationally successful Swiss film productions.

Catherine Ann Berger, director of SWISS FILMS: “The sleek and elegant graphic design opens up new and attractive ways for promotion and will serve to further strengthen the visibility of Swiss filmmaking on an international level. A heartfelt thank-you to all our partners!”

SWISS FILMS, 25.4.2017


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