Access for swiss rights holders

Registering film data for Swiss productions and coproductions 

The Swiss Films Portal offers Swiss producers (rights holder) the possibility to:

  • record film data
  • submit applications for the Swiss Film Award
  • work together with SWISS FILMS on the international release

The film registration encompasses 10 thematically arranged settings and can be discontinued at any time (logout). When you have entered all the information, conclude your registration with “Publish film data on”. You define which information we publish – and when. SWISS FILMS validates and publishes the film data in German, French and English on

Submitting an application for the Swiss Film Award is optional and only possible when a film has already been completely registered in the database. Applications for the Swiss Film Award begin in August 2018.

The Swiss Films Portal facilitates communication between you and us. You can view the data we have entered concerning the international release of your films (festivals, cinema, VOD), keep track of the services we have carried out for your films and transmit all information concerning the release of your films to us at any time. In the near future we will also process support queries online via the Swiss Films Portal.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: 043 211 40 50 | .
Please also take note of our FAQs on film registration and the application for the Swiss Film Award.