Fiction, 15 min.


by Xheni Alushi

Switzerland, August 2018

Though being a swimmer, Eva was unable to save her brother from nearly drowning at sea. He now lies in a coma and the cold relationship with her mother is not helping Eva's conscience either. She stumbles upon a mysterious puddle in her bathroom, which takes her to the depths of the sea. As her mother looks for Eva, she only finds a puddle of water that she starts to wipe away.


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Directed by: Xheni Alushi
Written by: Xheni Alushi

World Premiere: August 2018
Original Version: Swiss-German (english/german subtitles), colour, DCP, 15 min.

ISAN: 0000­0004­C60D­0000­W­0000­0000­F

Production: Letterbox Collective Filmproduktion
Producer: Noah Bohnert, David F. Geiser, Garrick J Lauterbach, Xheni Alushi
Executive Producer: Noah Bohnert

Cinematography: Fabio Tozzo
Editing: Xheni Alushi, Silvan Rechsteiner
Location Sound Mix: William Hudson, Corsin Bader
Sound Editing: William Hudson, Thomas Rechberger
Sound Design: William Hudson, Thomas Rechberger
Rerecording Sound Mix: William Hudson
Music: Moritz Widrig
Compositing: Fabio Tozzo
Art Direction: Felicia Schäfer
Special Effects: Claudio Antonelli, Henrik Bjeerregaard Clausen, Marlon Candeloro
Lighting: Oliver Muff

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Annina Walt
Manuela Biedermann
Yorin Moll
Florian Müller-Morungen

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World Sales: Premium Films

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Distribution Switzerland: Letterbox Collective Filmproduktion