EXIT, le droit de mourir

EXIT, le droit de mourir

Documentary, 76 min.

Title E:EXIT, The Right To Die
Title I:EXIT, il diritto di morire
Title G:EXIT, das Recht zu sterben

by Fernand Melgar

Switzerland, April 2005

No one knows the day or the hour. When illness strikes, accompanied by pain and physical decline, there we are, faced with death. The outlook on what remains of life appears dismal and full of anguish. How to spare oneself, and one’s closest family, slow agony? Switzerland is the only country in the world where associations, such as EXIT, quite legally provide suicide assistance to people at the end of their lives. For over twenty years volunteers have accompanied sick and handicapped people towards a death of their choice that seems more dignified to them. In this documentary, these escorts and the people they accompany tackle death head-on. Not like a taboo or an unacceptable end, but like a release. With their words and gestures, their convictions and their doubts, they talk about the path they have travelled. In a society tending to control everything, they refer us back to this quintessential, intimate question: Is choosing our death not our ultimate freedom?

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Directed by: Fernand Melgar
Written by: Fernand Melgar

World Premiere: April 2005
Original Version: French, colour, Digi Beta, 76 min.


Production: Les Productions JMH, Association Climage, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera
Producer: Jean-Marc Henchoz, Fernand Melgar
Executive Producer: Florence Adam

Cinematography: Camille Cottagnoud, Steff Bossert
Editing: Karine Sudan
Sound: Blaise Gabioud

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EXIT, le droit de mourir

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EXIT, le droit de mourir

© JMH Distributions SA

EXIT, le droit de mourir

© JMH Distributions SA


Open / CloseAwards (a selection)

  • Oslo, Oslo European Documentary Film Festival, Mention d'honneur 2007
  • La Rochelle, Sunny Side of the Doc, Golden Link Award UER 2006
  • Solothurn, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swiss Film Award, Best Documentary Film 2006
  • Namur, Festival international du film francophone, Mention spéciale, Jury "Bayard d'Or", meilleur documentaire 2005