Zone rouge

Zone rouge

Fiction, 90 min.


by Cihan Inan

Switzerland, Planned for Summer 2018

A mild summer night in a beautiful home. The former circle of friends meets for the first time after college graduation for an after party, following a class meeting. Above the joy of the reunion, the presence and the past are interacting. In the seemingly superficial chatter old themes glimmer through and over the exuberant mood lies a dark shadow. The 'cause' is 25 years back and was part of the reason for the sudden break-up.


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Directed by: Cihan Inan
Written by: Cihan Inan, Alexander Seibt, Uwe Lützen

World Premiere: Planned for Summer 2018
Original Version: German/Swiss-German/French/Turkish (english subtitles), colour, DCP, 90 min.

ISAN: 0000-0004-9E1A-0000-Z-0000-0000-6

Production: Abrakadabra Films AG
Producer: Claudia Wick

Cinematography: René Richter
Editing: Kaya Inan
Location Sound Mix: Balthasar Jucker
Sound Editing: Balthasar Jucker
Sound Design: Felix Bussmann
Rerecording Sound Mix: Felix Bussmann
Music: Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg, Lionel Vincent Baldenweg
Art Direction: Fabian Reber
Lighting: Peter Demmer
Costumes: Yvonne Forster

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Chantal Le Moign
as Marie 
Michael Neuenschwander
as Patrick 
Siir Eloglu
as Semiha 
Nicolas Rosat
as Andreas 
Christopher Buchholz
as Georges 
Marie Popall
as Juliette 
Helmut Mooshammer
as Burger 

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World Rights: Abrakadabra Films AG

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Distribution Switzerland: Frenetic Films