Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes

Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes

Documentary, 85 min.
Coproduction with Swiss director


by Sophie Huber

Switzerland / United States / United Kingdom, April 2018

The film explores the vision behind the iconic American jazz record label. Since 1939, Blue Note artists have been encouraged to push creative boundaries in search of uncompromising expressions. Through current recording sessions, rare archive and conversations with iconic Blue Note artists, the film reveals an intimate perspective of a legacy that continues to be vital in today’s political climate.


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Directed by: Sophie Huber
Written by: Sophie Huber

World Premiere: April 2018
Original Version: English (german/french/italian subtitles), colour, HD Cam , 85 min.

ISAN: 0000-0004-9705-0000-3-0000-0000-S

Production: Mira Film GmbH, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Isotope Films, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Teleclub AG
Producer: Hercli Bundi, Susanne Guggenberger, Chiemi Karasawa, Sophie Huber, Terry Shand, Geoffrey Kempin, Vadim Jendreyko

Cinematography: Patrick Lindenmaier, Shane Sigler
Editing: Russell Greene, Simon Gutknecht
Location Sound Mix: Matt Betlej
Sound Editing: Peter Von Siebenthal
Sound Design: Peter Von Siebenthal
Rerecording Sound Mix: Felix Bussmann

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World Sales: Eagle Rock Entertainment

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Distribution Switzerland: Vinca Film GmbH