Experimental, 7 min.


by Anka Schmid

Switzerland, January 2009

A dance film portraying a contemporary interpretation of a traditional folk dance. Two young lovers dance a pantomimic version of “Scenes of a marriage” to the vibrating, avant-garde pop music by Boris Blank (Yello), wearing traditional costumes from Appenzell. Using experimental montage with multiple images, the various scenes span their relationship: from their initial acquaintance to bantering, quarrelling and making up with a kiss. They appear as a silhouette dancing on a red stage and are then seen in front of a black background or urban walls filled with graffiti. The folkloric setting is omitted, and the couple thus becomes symbolic figures: in essence, a man and woman in a round dance of love.


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Directed by: Anka Schmid
Written by: Anka Schmid

World Premiere: January 2009
Original Version: Without dialogue, colour, Digi Beta, 7 min.

ISAN: 0000-0001-FB1F-0000-W

Production: Mano Film

Cinematography: Patrick Lindenmaier
Editing: Marina Wernli
Location Sound Mix: Boris Blank
Sound Design: Boris Blank
Music: Boris Blank
Compositing: Marina Wernli
Lighting: André Pinkus, Patrik Rimann

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Kathrin Dobler
as Tanz 
Andreas Fuster
as Tanz 

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World Rights: Mano Film

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Distribution Switzerland: Mano Film