Pink Nanuq

Pink Nanuq

Animation, 6 min.


by Jeanine Reutemann

Switzerland, July 2009

A little polar bear migrates to a Europe that has by now become tropical. A misguided attempt at integration into the local brown bear culture turns him pink. Together with his new friend, a stranded penguin in exile, he finds his place in the new world.


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Directed by: Jeanine Reutemann
Written by: Jeanine Reutemann

World Premiere: July 2009
Original Version: Without dialogue, colour, Digi Beta, 6 min.


Production: Hochschule Luzern
Producer: Otto Alder, Jochen Ehmann, Gerd Gockell, Jürgen Haas
Executive Producer: Gerd Gockell

Editing: Jeanine Reutemann
Location Sound Mix: Joern Poetzl
Sound Editing: Philipp Sellier
Sound Design: Philipp Sellier
Music: Dennis Baesecke, André Bellmont, Lasse Nipkow, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Orchestra
Compositing: Jeanine Reutemann
Characters by: Tim Schloendorn
Techniques: Drawn animation, Pixilation, 2D Computer animation

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World Rights: Jeanine Reutemann

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Distribution Switzerland: Hochschule Luzern

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