Four Swiss coproductions and SWISS FILMS with a new look in Cannes
BEFORE SUMMER ENDS by Maryam Goormaghtigh

Four Swiss coproductions and SWISS FILMS with a new look in Cannes

Four films with Swiss participation will be screened at the 70th Festival de Cannes: THE VENERABLE W. will be presented in the Special Screenings programme; THE INTRUDER has been selected for screening in the Directors’ Fortnight section; SICILIAN GHOST STORY starring Sabine Timoteo will open the Critics’ Week parallel section; and BEFORE SUMMER ENDS will open ACID, the parallel section of the Association for Independent Cinema and its Distribution in France. Furthermore, producer Ivan Madeo will represent Switzerland as the Producer on the Move, and SWISS FILMS presents itself in Cannes with a new look and a new pavilion redesign.

The French-Swiss coproduction THE VENERABLE W. by Barbet Schröder (Bande à part Films) will be screened in the official programme of the 70th Festival de Cannes. The documentary film accompanies an influential Buddhist monk in Burma and will be presented in the Special Screenings programme. In 2015 Schroeder presented his film AMNESIA in this festival programme.

Two Ticinese coproductions in Cannes

Two coproductions with Italy by well-established production houses in Ticino will be screened in Cannes this year. THE INTRUDER by Leonardo di Costanzo (Amka Films Productions) tells the story of a Neapolitan social worker confronted with a moral choice in her battle against criminal mentality. The Italian-Swiss-French coproduction was selected for screening in the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight section. Di Contanzo participated in directing the Swiss coproduction BRIDGES OF SARAJEVO, which celebrated its premiere in Cannes in 2014.

SICILIAN GHOST STORY by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, featuring the Swiss actress Sabine Timoteo (ventura film), opens this year’s Critics’ Week section. It tells the story of Luna, who refuses to accept the mysterious disappearance of her 13-year-old classmate Giuseppe and must descend into a dark and unknown world to find him.

Four years ago the two directors were honoured with the Grand Prix and Visionary Award of the Critics’ Week for their debut film SALVO (2013). Sabine Timoteo was last seen in Cannes in the Swiss coproduction THE WONDERS (Amka Films Productions) screened in competition and honoured with the Grand Jury Prize in 2014.


The documentary film BEFORE SUMMER ENDS by Genevan director Maryam Goormaghtigh (Intermezzo Films) has been selected as the opening film of the parallel section ACID (Association for Independent Cinema and its Distribution in France). The Swiss-French coproduction accompanies three friends on an adventurous road trip through France. After fives years of studying in Paris, Arash has decided to return to Iran after his final exams. His two friends Ashkan and Hossein hope to change his mind by taking him on a last trip to the South of France.

Producer on the Move 2017: Ivan Madeo

Upon recommendation by SWISS FILMS, Ivan Madeo (Contrast Film) will represent Switzerland in Cannes as Producer on the Move. For the 18th time, European Film Promotion EFP provides approximately 20 promising and up-and-coming European film producers with the opportunity to reinforce international contacts and develop joint projects during the festival in Cannes.

Madeo made a name for himself as the producer of THE CIRCLE (2014) and WONDERLAND (2015). At present he is working on MIDNIGHT RUNNER (2017) von Hannes Baumgartner the feature-film debut by Mauro Mueller FINGERPLAY (2018) as well as the new films by Oliver Rihs (STORM), Léa Pool (PROMISED LAND) and Anna Thommen (IM SCHOPF).

SWISS FILMS with a new look

The SWISS FILMS promotion agency will present itself with a new look and a pavilion redesign at the 70th Festival de Cannes (May 17-28, 2017). The new corporate design was developed by Corina Neuenschwander and Simone Koller at Studio NOI in Zurich.

The new SWISS FILMS pavilion in the Village International at Marché du Film was designed by Klauser Lienhard Design Studio in Zurich. And the partner for the top-class interior design was Création Baumann, with its internationally renowned Swiss textile label.

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