Snow White

Snow White

Fiction, 113 min.


by Samir

Switzerland / Austria, August 2005

Partying, sex and drugs are 21-year-old Nico’s life. Being wealthy, Nico has always had whatever she wants growing up on Zurich’s “Gold Coast”. Since leaving school, however, she has been drifting, unsure of what to do with her life. That is until she meets Paco, a rapper from Geneva. Paco is fascinated by her carefree and spontaneous ways and they soon fall in love. Nico hopes to find direction by fitting in with his life but never thinks of the consequences of trying to be someone she is not. Paco is played by Carlos Leal, the lead singer of Sens Unik, one of the best known hip hop bands in the French speaking world.


Open / CloseCredits

Directed by: Samir
Written by: Michael Sauter, Samir

World Premiere: August 2005
Original Version: Swiss-German/French (english/french subtitles), colour, 35mm, 113 min.


Production: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG, Filmhaus Wien, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Praesens Film AG, Topicfilm AG
Producer: Susann Rüdlinger, Samir

Cinematography: Andreas Hutter, Michael Saxer, Hans Meier
Editing: Oliver Neumann
Sound: Max Vornehm
Music: Marnix Veenenbos, Walter W. Cikan
Art Direction: Georg Bringolf
Lighting: Christoph Eser
Costumes: Chloé Pompon Levainville

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Julie Fournier
Carlos Leal
Zoé Miku
Stefan Gubser
Sunnyi Melles
Benedict Freitag
Pascal Ulli
Martin Rapold
Patrick Rapold
Karin Pfammatter
Liliana Heimberg
Stefan Kurt
Mike Müller
Alexander Seibt
Wolfram Berger
Beatrice Kessler
Dominique Jann

Open / CloseWorld Sales / World Rights

World Sales: Telepool GmbH, WIDE

Open / CloseWorldwide Distribution

Distribution Switzerland: Ascot Elite Entertainment Group
Distribution Austria: Filmladen
Distribution Germany: Stardust Filmverleih GmbH
Distribution Great Britain: Dogwoof
Distribution Japan: AT Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Open / CloseAwards (a selection)

  • Solothurn, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swiss Film Award, Best Performance in a Leading Role 2006
  • Hof, Internationale Hofer Filmtage, Preis für das beste Szenenbild 2005